Make Each Room Yours....


The paint you choose for your home's walls can set the tone of how you feel. You select your favorite color and we'll take care of the rest...


There are hundreds of colors to choose from so if you aren't set on a color, all of those choices may feel a bit overwhelming. Narrow your selection by determining what type of mood or tone you'd like to set for your room. For example, for a bedroom you may wish to choose soft and subtle shades that would be conducive to relaxation like greens, blues or warm beiges. In an office, play or living space energizing tones like yellows or reds might have a better feel.


Color can change how large or small a room feels. Dark, bold colors can seem to shrink a small room while lighter colors will make it feel bigger.


Another important consideration is the lighting the room receives. Natural sunlight, time of day and artificial light can each change the appearance of a color. Sampling a color prior to painting helps you to see the affect lighting can have. Applying the sample color(s) to poster board allows the flexibility of moving the colors around the room at different times of the day.


Want to add some flair? The use of an accent wall or faux finish can help to bring some interest to your room. Faux finishes come in many varieties and can contain multiple colors. Create the look of old-world charm with a rustic color wash or add some bold and fun stripes to the kid's rooms.


In the end, it all comes down to choosing the colors that please you the most and fit your lifestyle and personality. Visit sample homes or pick up a few interior decorating magazines for the latest trends and see what appeals to you - you may be surprised!  Sometimes colors you hadn't considered before can give your room the ambience you've been looking for.


For some additional help, visit Sherwin-William's Color Visualizer .